2020-2021  Year End Awards

            Art Dickey Award (Photographer of the Year)       John Olson

           Rookie of the Year                   Paul Stearns

     The Year End competition first place winners are selected from a set of photographs
     which won awards at the monthly meetings.
     The competition is based on the best photographs for a category.
     Three judges selected the winners.

                Abstract/Creative                           Action/Sports                                       Still Life

             Colors                                          Intense Mounted Shorter Competition               Little Lunch

             Roberta Roth                              Bob Hosker                                                             Teresa Sposito


                    Photojournalism/Street                     Portrait                                       Landscape

              Lake and Hennepin                              Civil War Reenactor                                   Stormy Icelandic Coast

              Wally Sunderland                                 Tom Moehn                                                Dave Suggs


                      Monochrome                                        Cityscape                              Nature

               Sentinal Oak                                               Up the Down Staircase                                 Skipper Probocis

               Wally Sunderland                                       Paul Stearns                                                  Tom Moehn



              Winner   Sentinal Oak   Wally Sunderland

              Runner Up   Up the Down Staircase   Paul Stearns

     Honorable Mention Lunch at Mickie's Wally Sunderland
     Honorable Mention Wooden Shadows Teresa Sposito
     Honorable Mention Tug of War Paul Stearns
     Honorable Mention Corsette John A. Olson
     Honorable Mention Double Bridge John A. Olson
     Honorable Mention Gone to Seed Mary Johnson
     Honorable Mention Fallen to the Winds of Time Dave Suggs
     Honorable Mention Road to Marrakesh Roberta Roth
     Honorable Mention Natural Petroglyph John A. Olson
     Honorable Mention Horse Barn
Michael Gilligan


         Winner  Intense Mounted Shooter Competition  Bob Hosker

        Runner Up   Icelandic Stormy Coast    Dave Suggs

  Honorable Mention Rocky Lake McDonald Pete Rose
  Honorable Mention Tuscan Sunrise Nancy Nafziger
  Honorable Mention Loving Guidance Pete Rose
  Honorable Mention Eye on the Ball! (Wheelchair Softball) Bob Hosker
  Honorable Mention Sunday Drive Find Greg Hostetter
  Honorable Mention Murphy’s Landing Farm David Suggs
  Honorable Mention Wacipi Dancer Sandy Swanson
  Honorable Mention Triple Fungi Peter Rose
  Honorable Mention Lake Mac Donald David Suggs
  Honorable Mention Covid Summer Bug Hunting Trophy David Suggs
  Honorable Mention Hummer Takes A Sip Tom Moehn
  Honorable Mention Rest in Peace, Mom Wally Sunderland
  Honorable Mention Conservatory Reflection John A. Olson
  Honorable Mention Growling Bobcat Bob Hosker
  Honorable Mention Pear Mary Johnson
  Honorable Mention   French Dinner For Two Nancy Miller
  Honorable Mention White Egret in Flight  Sandy Swanson
  Honorable Mention Lady In Red John A. Olson
  Honorable Mention Lake and Hennepin-June, 2020 Wally Sunderland
  Honorable Mention Country Road Michael Gilligan
  Honorable Mention Flowing Glass John A. Olson
  Honorable Mention Icelandic Horses David Suggs
  Honorable Mention Skipper Proboscis Tom Moehn
  Honorable Mention Morning Maestro Sandy Swanson
  Honorable Mention Sewing With Nana Sandy Swanson

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