Monthly Topics

    The competition topics for each month are decided by a committee for the year.
                     Topics  2021-2022 Year

Month       Type    Topic                                                  Speaker

September 16
      Digital    Still Life                                              John Olson

October 21
      Print    Long Exposure                                   Bill Cooper

November 18
      Digital    Circus/ Fairs                                       Mike Shaw

January 20
      Print    Faces under 6 or over 60                   Rikk Flohr

February 17
      Digital    Creative Artwork Well Known Artist    Layne Kennedy

March 17      
      Print    Food/Edibles                                       TBD

April 21       Digital    Architecture                                         John Barclay

May 19
      Print    Rain, Mist and Fog                              Don Braud

• Digital Salons are in September, November, February, April
• Print Salons are in October, January, March, May

*For more information on speakers, check the Event Calendar. For more information on judges, check the Event Calendar after competition submissions are closed.


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