Monthly Topics

    The competition topics for each month are decided by a committee for the year.
                     Topics  2022-2023 Year

Month       Type    Topic                                            Speaker

September 21
      Digital    Through a Window                       Curtis Juliber     

October 19
      Print    Water                                            Layne Kennedy      

November 16
      Digital    Candle Lit                                     Adam Grim     

January 18
      Print    Tree(s)                                          Susan Bouregerie

February 15
      Digital    Smoke                                           Peter Wong

March 21      
      Print    Street Photography                  

April 18
      Digital    Intentional Camera Movement                         

May 16
      Print    Macro Image                  

• Digital Salons are in September, November, February, April
• Print Salons are in October, January, March, May

*For more information on speakers, check the Event Calendar. For more information on judges, check the Event Calendar after competition submissions are closed.


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