State Fair Fine Arts Exhibit 2022

   Congratulations to Jeff Parker for having an image selected for the exhibit.

    Provincetown  Jeff Parker

State Fair Fine Arts Exhibit 2021

     The club is proud that the following members had images accepted into the Fine          Arts Exhibit.

Sandy Swanson:           Early Spring Ice Out

Cynthia Fleury:            Pont Neuf Paris (Honorable Mention)

Ray Klempka:              Morning Frost

Paul Stearns:               The Streets of Lisbon (John Marley Clarey Memorial Award)

       Special recognition to Paul Stearns for being awarded the          
                   John Marley Clarey Memorial Award

See the photographs below

    Early Spring Ice Out    Sandy Swanson

Last spring, during an unseasonably warm weekend at our cabin, the wind blew all night. 
Just before dawn, I could hear ice piling up along the shoreline of the lake. 
I grabbed my camera and raced down to capture a surge of ice platelets caught in a wave going out.


    Pont Neuf Paris     Cynthia Fleury

The architecture of Paris has always intrigued me. Pont Neuf is my favorite of the thirty plus bridges
that cross the Seine River throughout the city. The clarity and detail of this image makes it appropriate
for the technique I used here which is an image transfer to glass with 24kt gold leaf gilding."


    The Streets of Lisbon  Paul Stearns

The ’Streets of Lisbon’ image was taken while taking a walking tour of some of the old neighborhoods of Lisbon, Portugal.
The colors and shapes made it look like an abstract painting when I first saw it and then I realized it was the side of an Apartment building.
The laundry and wires added to the image.


        Morning Frost   Ray Klempka

 I have a fondness for trees. And this one was exceptional. It would be in any season.
The fog and frost give this image atmosphere. What truly makes the shot is the tire swing.
The swing adds a human element. The image now becomes a story. The tree waiting for a child to come play."

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