Crosstown Camera Club AI Guidelines

  Crosstown is a camera club. (It's in our name.)  We make photographs using cameras, and photographic images are     the basis for our monthly salon competitions. The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in photography is rapidly evolving, but the unique perspectives and insights provided by human photographers must remain central to the art form and, by extension, to our monthly salons.  

  Therefore, all images submitted to Crosstown Salon competitions must be photographic in nature. The images, and elements within, shall be captured by photographers through exposure of a light-sensitive surface such as a digital image sensor, film or photographic paper. It is not acceptable to submit an image that was created in whole or in part using an artificial intelligence text-to-image generator, or similar image generating technologies — currently available or yet to be discovered.

  Post production alteration and enhancement of images is allowed. Many popular post production applications include AI features, and not all use of AI is prohibited.

  Tools that use AI to make color and levels adjustments, reduce noise, rescale images, create masks, etc. are all allowed.
  Composited images are allowed, but all elements of the composite should be from photographs captured by the artist, with the exception of Sky Replacement, texture masks and frames.
Sky Replacement, using either a sky you have photographed or a stock image to which you have rights is explicitly permitted.
  Texture masks and frames from commercial libraries/outside sources can also be used, again provided you have rights to use them. Content aware fill to remove objects or expand the frame is allowed.

  Put simply, AI can be used to adjust and enhance a photograph you've created, but not to add elements to the image. The computer is a tool in your hands, not a co-maker.

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