Members submit images before a meeting to a salon competition.

Before submitting an image to a Competition, be sure to read the General Rules and Preparing an Image for the Digital or Virtual Print Salon.

            New Submission Requirements

 Use only the title of the image for the filename
            Example:   Big_Rock.jpg
   Logging in provides your name and membership number.

General Rules for Salons: 

General Rules for Salons:

  1. Entrants must be Crosstown Camera Club members
    in good standing, i.e. club dues paid by Dec 1.

  2. Monthly salons will alternate between Virtual Prints and Digital.
    There will be four print salons and digital salons. 
    Each salon has a “Topic” and an “Open” category

  3. Topic is the subject designated by the salon committee.
    Open is any subject matter not in the Topic category.

  4.  Each member may submit up to three images per salon dividing them between the Open and Topic categories as they wish.
    Members will also divide their print entries between color and monochrome.

  5. All photographs entered will be judged according to three criteria:

  6. In addition to the salon competition there is  a Critique-only category.
    The purpose of the Critique-Only is to have an image critiqued without entering into the competition. 

  7. Provide a descriptive, short title for the photograph.

  8.  Titles are for identification - to avoid confusing one image with another.
    Titles are for posting on the website and for those who keep club records. 
    Judges don’t pay much attention to them.
       Example titles
         Space            Big Rock.jpg
         Hyphen          Big-Rock.jpg
         Underscore    Big_Rock.jpg

    Calling a photograph “Untitled” risks confusion in club records and later in your own memory. 


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