A salon is a meeting where members exhibit photographs for comments on the photographs by a judge.  The  comments help educate members how to improve the photographs and identify the elements which illustrate standards of a good photograph.

     Each salon has three category levels:

    The Topics are chosen by a  committee.

    Monthly Salon Topics for the 2022-23 Season

    September, Square Format, Digital, Due 9/6/22

    October, A Sense of Place, Print, Due 10/11/22

    November, Backlighting, Digital, Due 11/8/22

    January, Totally Abstract, Print, Due 1/10/23

    February, Color Yellow, Digital, Due 2/7/23

    March, Makes You Laugh, Print, Due 3/7/23

    April, Unsuspected Picture, Digital, Due 4/11/23

    May, Inside the Flower, Print, Due 5/9/23


    Monthly Salon Topics for the 2023-24 Season

    September, Through a Window, Digital, Due 9/12

    October, Water, Print, Due 10/10

    November, Candle Lit, Digital, Due 11/7

    January, Tree(s), Print, Due 1/9

    February, Smoke, Digital, Due 2/6

    March, Street Photography, Print, Due 3/12

    April, Intentional Camera Movement, Digital, Due 4/9

    May, Macro Image, Print, Due 5/7





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