Submissions Rules for Virtual Print Salons

  • For the duration of the pandemic, the club will not accept nor judge actual print photos. Instead, members may submit "Virtual Prints," i.e. digital images to the monthly Salons.

  • Virtual Prints must be submitted by 8 PM on Tuesday of the week prior to (9 days before) the Salon meeting.

  • To submit images, members must go to the Competitions tab on this website, click on Submit Images to a Competition. Select the Competition, Upload the image and use the Edit Page to chose categories:
       Print Open Color  POC,  Print Open Monochrome, Print Topic Color PTC or Print Topic Monochrome PTM.

  • Change:  The name of the file is the title of the image only no further information.

    Example file names
         Space           Big Rock.jpg
         Hyphen        Big-Rock.jpg
         Underscore  Big_Rock.jpg

         Click this link to transfer to the Submit Images page: Submit

  • Members may submit photos stored on their computer or Image Library  in the website.

Preparing Virtual Prints for Salons

  • All Virtual Prints shall be the result of an initial exposure by the member.
    Images may be captured either using a digital camera or scanned from slides or negatives.

  • Entries with a member’s name or other image-maker identification on the image,
    such as Copyright Watermark, etc., will be disqualified.

  • Virtual Prints may be entered in the categories:
    Print Open Color POC,     Print Open Monochrome POM,
    Print Topic Color PTC  or  Print Topic Monochrome PTM
    but are limited to a maximum of three images total per member per salon.

  • Virtual Prints should be or fit within a 1920 wide x1080 tall pixel box.
    Please remember to size portrait format images to no greater than 1080 pixels tall.
    This includes borders or intentional white space so please add these elements
    before scaling your image. All of that space is yours so please use it.
    Any screen space not utilized by your image will be pure black.

  • Image file type must be JPEG. The sRGB color space is highly recommended
    for best viewing on websites and monitors.
    Use the highest image quality when saving your image.

  • Provide only the title of the image for the name of the file.
    Do not include any other information within the title.


Actual Print rules are listed below.

Print size minimum – 3″x5″ on an 8×10 backing. 
Print size maximum – 16″x20″ (including the backing)Prints must be mounted on a rigid backing
so they will stand up on their own.

The Member Number, Title and Category (T, O or C plus color or mono) information 
 will be posted on the TOP LEFT corner on the back of the print.

The 16×20 size rule applies whether the image has a landscape or a portrait orientation.

This means that the longer side can be no more than 20″ and the shorter side no more than 16″.

The TOP LEFT rule is because sometimes it’s hard to tell what the correct orientation is for the image.

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