Submissions Rules for Print Salons

  • Prints must be submitted by 7:30 PM on Tuesday of the week prior to (9 days before) the Salon meeting. Check the Events Calendar for drop-off sites and dates/times.

  • In addition to submitting prints, members must also submit their photos in digital form for the use of the judges and the club record keepers. To submit digital images, follow the Submissions Rules for Digital Salons but choose the following categories: Print Open (PO),  Print Monochrome (PM), Print Topic (PT).

  • Click this link to transfer to the Submit Images page: Submit


Preparing Prints for Salons

  • All Prints shall be the result of an initial exposure by the member.
    Images may be captured either using a digital camera or scanned from slides or negatives.

  • Entries with a member’s name or other image-maker identification on the image,
    such as Copyright Watermark, etc., will be disqualified.

  • Prints may be entered in the following categories:
    Print Open (PO), Print Monochrome (PM), Print Topic (PT),
    but are limited to a maximum of three images total per member per salon.

  • Print size minimum – 3″x5″ on an 8×10 backing. 

  • Print size maximum – 16″x20″ (including the backing)Prints must be mounted on a rigid backing so they will stand up on their own.

  • The Member Number, Title and Category (PO, PM, PT, or PCR information will be posted on the TOP LEFT corner on the back of the print.  Use the label provided by the club.

  • The 16×20 size rule applies whether the image has a landscape or a portrait orientation. This means that the longer side can be no more than 20″ and the shorter side no more than 16″.

  • The TOP LEFT rule is because sometimes it’s hard to tell what the correct orientation is for the image.


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