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May 2022
May 2022
May 2022
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May Meeting and Salon (6:30 PM CDT)
Topic: Rain, Mist or Fog. Virtual Print. Speaker: Ken Lee [] will present Seeing 101, Ken Lee Teaches Photographers How to See. “There’s more to photography than f-stops and Photoshop," says Lee. We all instantly recognize good photographs when we see them. Then why is it so hard to create them with our cameras? You’ve heard of the Photographer’s Eye. It’s the thing that lets some people create amazing photographs from scenes where others see nothing. And as much as technology can dress up mundane pictures, it’s creative vision that’s ultimately at the core of making images with impact. The question is whether this is a special talent you have to be born with or is it something you can acquire? Ken knows that fluently speaking the visual language is a skill that anyone can learn and that creativity is muscle that strengthens with exercise. Ken calls these things the Art of Seeing and he’s made it his mission to help others understand and develop their Photographer’s Eye. In Seeing 101, Ken shares his own ‘Aha Moment’ story when he suddenly understood the key to making good photographs, the principles behind his Whole Brain approach to learning photography, and plenty of practical tips to help you sharpen your creative vision. Judge:  Layne Kennedy ( will be our Salon judge for May.  Layne is well known to most of the group, but if not, here is a bit about Layne and a link to his website.  Educated in fine art photography, LAYNE KENNEDY is known for his editorial photography that conveys a strong sense of place. His images are featured in magazines worldwide on subjects as varied as Pink Dolphins in the Amazon River to traveling with Polar Inuit hunters by dogsled. His feature work appears in Smithsonian, LIFE, Audubon, Islands, Sports Illustrated, Terre Sauvage, Nature Conservancy, Newsweek , National Geographic Traveler, National Geographic Adventure, Outside, Outdoor Explorer, GEO, Forbes, Business Week and othe

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