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September 2021
September 2021
September 2021
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September Meeting and Salon (6:30 PM CDT)
Topic: Still Life. Digital. Speaker is John Olson, Crosstown Camera Club's "Photographer of the Year," who will share his thoughts on his latest projects. John's passion for photography transforms into an adventure full of wonder, joy, and curiosity, as if life is presenting itself for the first time. He visually seizes life's many aspects of work and play creating meaning and emotion in images by conjuring up the viewer’s own nostalgic experiences. Experimenting with various unique photographic processing techniques, he brings out what he sees. His images are an interpretation of the subject, and not necessarily what is there on the surface. Motion and visual perspectives are favorite themes of his images from earth. As an award winning photographer, he has exhibited in Minnesota at the Edina Art Center, the Hopkins Center for the Arts, the Edina City Center, the Plymouth Art Center, the St Paul Art Crawl, the Minneapolis Art-A-Whirl, Umbra Studios, the Minneapolis Photo Center, Toro Corporate Headquarters, and Thrivent Corporate Headquarters, to name a few. John specializes in photographing images with equestrian themes, rodeo action, and the rural environment as well as sports, and dance. His book, “Vintage America: The Rodeo,” is one part of a series of rodeo event images, followed by “Bull,” devoted to bull riding. His latest book, “A Passing of the Horse,” covers wild, rescued, and ranch horses in the upper midwest. Co-owner of Lens Prose Gallery and Studio, and a native of Minnesota with a degree in Architecture from the University of Minnesota, John also looks for opportunities to photograph the beauty of conceptually vintage architectural elements as well. He judges local and international photographic salons and has worked with writers in sports and trade magazine publications. John is a long time leader and member of various Twin Cities photographic community organizations, and past President of the St Paul Photographer’s Cooperative. He is a
September Digital Salon (7:30 PM CDT)
Status: Judged

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