Salon Results 2011-12

  • SEPTEMBER 15, 2011 – Letters of the Alphabet: (Digital)
  • OCTOBER 21, 2011 – Photojournalism: (Print)
  • NOVEMBER 17, 2011 – Humor: (Digital)
  • JANUARY 19, 2012 – Tracks: (Print)
  • FEBRUARY 16, 2012 – After Dark: (Digital)
  • MARCH 15, 20112 – Living Faces:(Print)
  • APRIL 19, 2012 – Industrial:(Digital)
  • MAY 17, 2012 – Rural Landscapes:(Print)
  • JUNE 21, 2012 – End of Year Banquet/Awards

A few words to newcomers and returning members who have not yet submitted to Salon Judging. Also, those who have been submitting images and struggle with the opinion of judges, or our club’s rules:

First, our club is not only about judging, you can learn a lot and enjoy yourself engrossing yourself in the information provided by our monthly presenter, from observing and appreciating other’s photos, and by attending our other activities.

But if you choose to also learn by submitting your photos for salon, which is encouraged, it is easy to feel intimidated by the other images, judges, and the professional stature and accomplishments of some of the photographers. So here are some thoughts to put you at ease:

  • All of us have experienced anxiety regarding showing our work;
  • We have all had photos which were not accepted with a high score;
  • This is an opportunity to learn about how to improve a specific photo not necessarily all of your work, so have fun and experiment, take chances;
  • All judges are not the same — One judge will score one photo high and another judge score the same one low. Some have scored low at one salon and received a “Best of Show” at another salon with the same image.
  • Still other photographers have changed their image based on a judges comments and received an acceptance at a later salon event or competition.

So for those of you who are new, or are nervous about submitting and image to the salon, take some time to observe the salon event, and listen to what judges say about improving images of your peers. Then, submit photos for “critique only” to get used to hearing feedback about your work, and later, be adventurous and submit work for competition.

When you do submit for the competition, remember our mission is to enjoy each other’s company, enjoy and appreciate each other’s work, and learn from each other to improve our photographic skills.

–John A. Olson, 2010-2011 Judging Coordinator

JUNE 21, 2012 - End of Year Awards Banquet

The Diner -- Peter Wong 10/10

“Best of the Best”: Banquet and social time followed by awards presentation:Points are accumulated throughout the competition year (September through May) and the three top scorers in each of the divisions (Monochrome Prints, Color Prints, Digital Images) are recognized during this special evening. [...]

MAY 17, 2012 - Rural Landscape: (Print Salon)

Field of Dreams - Steven Shor 10/10

“Rural Landscapes” — Get away from the city with your camera [...]

APRIL 19, 2012 - Industrial: (Digital Salon)

The Dump Truck -- Forrest Pearson 10/10

“Industrial” — Get your hard hat, boots, haz-mat suit, and go out and shoot! [...]

MARCH 15, 2012 - Living Faces: (Print)

Bella -- Erica Lawrenz 10/10

“Living Faces” — Not as statues, not in photos, living human faces! [...]

FEBRUARY 16, 2012 - After Dark: (Digital)

Saddling -- Peter Wong 10/10

“After Dark” — After sunset and before sunrise. [...]

JANUARY 19, 2012 - Tracks: (Print)

Footprints in the Snow -- Cynthia Fleury 10/10

“Tracks” — This topic can be widely interpreted. We’ll leave it up to the photographer to define and “sell” what “Tracks” means to them. [...]

NOVEMBER 15, 2011 - Humor: (Digital)

The Diner -- Peter Wong 10/10

“Humor” — Make us laugh! [...]

OCTOBER 15, 2011 - Photojournalism: (Print)

Manning the Hose -- Brad Kissell 10/10

“Photojournalism” — Tell a story using 1 or more images to make a single story on a board up to 16″x20″. The guidelines for photojournalism apply. [...]

SEPTEMBER 15, 2011 - Letters of the Alphabet: (Digital)

L -- Luke Luther 10/10

“Letters of the Alphabet” — Be creative. Photograph literal or non-literal objects or shapes that create a letter or letters of an alphabet. [...]