Membership Information

To become a member:

Fill out the membership form and pay the yearly dues.

Membership form: (Click Here to Download)


  • Individual Membership:  $35 per club year.
  • Household Membership: $50 per club year.
  • Partial Year Individual Membership (March 2–June 30):  $18
  • Partial Year Household Membership (March 2–June 30):  $25


Crosstown Camera Club holds membership meetings on the third Thursday of each month from 6:30–9 p.m. at Christ Presbyterian Church in Edina, Minn.  Meetings include a presentations by speakers on various photography topics, a short social break and salon competitions.  The exceptions to this are the Holiday Social in December and the End of Year Awards Banquet in June.


Programs are informational sessions that last between 30–45 minutes. Presenters are generally local experts on various topics — either directly related to taking photographs or techniques used to process or display them.  Although we are not a strictly digital club, the programs and information relating to this club tend to be related to digital photography and printing.


Monthly salons allow club members to have their images critiqued by an experienced, nonmember judges who are brought in from neighboring clubs or have ties to the photographic industry or the visual arts. They are meant to provide an impartial evaluation of the work of individual members.  The monthly salons alternate between color/monochrome prints and digital competitions.  Each salon consists of a “topic” category and an “open” category, with those judged to be top images designated as Acceptances.

    • The Topic category is the subject matter designated by the Salon Committee.
    • The Open category is any subject matter that does not fit into the topic category.

Each member can submit up to three images per salon, dividing them between the topic and open categories or entering them all into the same category.

Activities and Photography Trips:

The club also sponsors group photography trips and activities a few times each year.  These can include day photo trips, extended (weekend or longer) photo trips, the December Holiday Social and the End of Year Banquet.

Board Meetings:

Once a month the board of directors meets (except in the month of July) to determine the direction of the club and address any needs or issues.  This meeting is open to any members of the club who might want to participate in any given month. It is held at the Edina Art Center in Edina, Minn., at 6:30 p.m. on the first Monday of each month.

Year End Awards:

A special award programming and judging are part oft the End of Year Banquet. Categories include:

  • Art Dickey Image-of-the-Year — This award is given out at the judges’ discretion to the best overall image of the year, in honor of one of the club’s founders.
  • Monochrome Print of the Year
  • Color Print of the Year
  • Digital Image of the Year
  • President’s Traveling Award — This is a special award that is given to the member that the president has felt has given the most back to the club.