FEBRUARY 17, 2011 – All in the Eyes: (Digital)

“All in the Eyes” — The title says it all. The goal of this salon is to make your subjects eyes the primary focus and draw. The general rule is to have the subject look directly in the lens and tack-sharp focus, but there are always exceptions to the rule if the eyes remain the primary element. Getting catch light from a light source or bright object really helps to add depth and draw. More info: http://www.dpmag.com/how-to/tip-of-the-week/better-portraits-are-all-in-the-eyes-4-13-09.html

Judge: Russ Borud

Russ Borud worked in hair fashion for a cosmetic company doing commercial work for many years and has a very keen eye for portrait work. He tried wedding photography for awhile, hated it.

Currently, he is a passionate amateur and has been for very many years, but it hasn’t stopped him from selling many of his art images.

In all, he has visited the very depths of photographic depravity.

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