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Here we post videos that tell stories from and about club members. This could be a photo outing, a project someone is working on, a photography workshop or anything related to the club. It’s an opportunity for members to tell a story with a collection of images and words rather than a single image. We’re willing to help with pulling your images together to tell your story. This space is open to all members of the club.

Email Forrest Pearson if you would like to have something included on this page.



Lake Nokomis Ice by Judy Babcock

A short video from Judy Babcock. People out on snow free Lake Nokomis enjoying that they can skate across the whole lake.

Double click to see the video full screen



Crosstown Camera Club at the State Fair

A collection of images from the Minnesota State Fair. A chance to see all the ways that club members chose to shoot the sights.

Here’s another version of the State Fair slideshow with a more dynamic look and a few more images not included in the first video.

Photos from:
Bill Weber, Judy Babcock, John Olson, Peter Wong, Forrest Pearson, Peter Rose,
Betsy Preston, Steve Lapensky



Public Art Profiles

Here is a video featuring CCC members John Olson, Cynthia Fleury and Mark Karney. They’re talking about photography in general and their images that were selected to hang in the Edina City Hall.



Minneapolis Gay Pride 2018

A video slideshow of the June 2018 Gay Pride Parade in downtown Minneapolis. Club members Mark Karney and Forrest Pearson spent several hours shooting the colors and excitement.



The Three Bonnies by John Olson

The Three Bonnies was performed by the dA Dance Troupe in 2012 at the Burnsville Center for the Arts. The photos for this video were taken during a live performance. I was allowed to move around without disrupting the audience, even on the side stage behind the curtains. Lighting varied tremendously in color and intensity. At times I had to shoot at very high ISO. Other times I wanted to keep the sense of movement so the ISO was lowered to keep the sense of motion.

The theme of the dance essentially has to do with three women’s relationships with their significant others and themselves.

The music in the video was performed by my friend’s band, The Chuck Armstrong Quartet



A short slideshow of some of John Olson’s rodeo images. Great shooting and great processing.