CCC Board Meeting Notes - February 7, 2012

Bill Cooper, Bob Hosker, Brian Billadeau, Elisabeth Genovese, Geoff Kuchera, Holly Kuchera, Kathy Hara

–The old Yahoo group list has been deleted. Kathy will send an email to users of the old group and invite
them to join the current CCC Yahoo group. Geoff said once he is in charge of the website, he might be able to make an in-house user group.
–One new member, Alec Johnson. Need to clarify that he can’t enter competitions if he is going to be a
–Currently 55 members.

–Treasurer report via email. Balance as of February 6, $3430.43.
–Geoff said they had to replace the bulb in the projector. Will need to get reimbursement from Bob.
–Lars currently owns the CCC domain. He will sign it over to the club.
–Is it possible to get a club check card so that we can pay online bills, like domain renewal?

Question From the Floor:
–Bob Hosker questioned if the year end judges could know the topics that the year end pics were originally judged in.
–Consensus was that this concept would be too hard to operationalize.
–A good image is a good image even without the context of a specific topic.

–Kathy said Judith is willing to chair the June dinner again.
–Discussion of the Peoples’ Choice award. Members will vote at the year-end meeting and the winner will be announced at the September meeting. All images that have acceptances will be eligible.
–Mark Karney will be leading the print judging for Interclub. Bill Cooper will lead the digital judging March 10th at his home.

–Holly said Peter still doesn’t have a presenter for February.
–Bill suggested Jonathan Grossman, who specializes in panoramic images.
–It was suggested that Peter Wong could do a lighting presentation.
–Holly thinks Shelly Paulson could be a presenter. Shelly is an equine photographer.
–Forrest Peterson is doing the 15 min presentation.
–Mark Karney is doing the 15 min presentation for March.

Crosstown Camera Club
Board Meeting
February 7, 2012
submitted by Elisabeth Genovese, secretary

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