2010-2011 Salon Topics

  • Oct 21:Urban Scapes (Print)”
  • Nov 18:Sports Action (Digital)”
  • Dec 16: No Salon –  Holiday Social
  • Jan 20:High Key/Low Key (Print)”
  • Feb 17:All in the Eyes (Digital)”
  • April 21:High Dynamic Range (Digital)”

A few words to newcomers and returning members who have not yet submitted to Salon Judging. Also, those who have been submitting images and struggle with the opinion of judges, or our club’s rules:

First, our club is not only about judging, you can learn a lot and enjoy yourself engrossing yourself in the information provided by our monthly presenter, from observing and appreciating other’s photos, and by attending our other activities.

But if you choose to also learn by submitting your photos for salon, which is encouraged, it is easy to feel intimidated by the other images, judges, and the professional stature and accomplishments of some of the photographers. So here are some thoughts to put you at ease:

  • All of us have experienced anxiety regarding showing our work;
  • We have all had photos which were not accepted with a high score;
  • This is an opportunity to learn about how to improve a specific photo not necessarily all of your work, so have fun and experiment, take chances;
  • All judges are not the same — One judge will score one photo high and another judge score the same one low. Some have scored low at one salon and received a “Best of Show” at another salon with the same image.
  • Still other photographers have changed their image based on a judges comments and received an acceptance at a later salon event or competition.

So for those of you who are new, or are nervous about submitting and image to the salon, take some time to observe the salon event, and listen to what judges say about improving images of your peers. Then, submit photos for “critique only” to get used to hearing feedback about your work, and later, be adventurous and submit work for competition.

When you do submit for the competition, remember our mission is to enjoy each other’s company, enjoy and appreciate each other’s work, and learn from each other to improve our photographic skills.

–John A. Olson, 2010-2011 Judging Coordinator

September Club Meeting:

Meeting Date:  September 16, 2010 – 6:30 PM

Meeting Location: Christ Presbyterian Church

Digital Salon: “Macro” — Close-up photography (1:1 or closer) with limited depth of field. Find small details of larger objects to create abstract looking images, or maybe you want to take pictures of creepy crawlies like spiders and beetles or maybe close ups of flowers. More info: http://www.photography-basics.com/2007/06/what-is-macro-photography/

Judge: Vijay Karai

Vijay was born in Bangalore, India in a rather large family. Last of 14 siblings, his interest in Photography developed when he was young. His primary interest was in Black and white photography which he practiced in the wet darkroom for many years, before converting to a digital darkroom. Being a self taught artist he has practiced other genres such as painting and Batik, but he has devoted over thirty years to the study and practice of photography.

While in India, Vijay had lived in Bangalore where he was exposed to several photographic masters. Later after completing college, he has lived in a farm in a village that taught him the simplicity of life. When he immigrated to the USA in 1982, he took to photography with a gusto and soon excelled in photo clubs and International Photo Exhibitions. He currently works in the IT industry, but spends almost all his free time either photographing or engaging in Photographic endeavors. He regularly teaches a Photography class in Blaine, Minnesota where he has lived for over 25 years. He judges local and international exhibitions as well as county fairs. His images are widely published in calendars and catalogs. He has had several exhibitions including at the Blaine City Hall.

As an avid runner he has run several marathons and clearly understands the power of training and practice. He employs the same single minded devotion to photography

Awards in the Topic Category:

Awards in the  Open Category:


October Club Meeting:

Meeting Date: October 21, 2010 – 6:30 PM

Meeting Location: Christ Presbyterian Church

Print Salon: “Urban Scapes” — Imagine all the steel and concrete are natural elements outside of the city. This challenge goes beyond cityscapes, architectural, street photography or city panoramas, here you want to find urban shape, patterns and compositions that mimic natural ones. As one person put it, “Urban Landscape photography is often gritty, it’s not always pretty and it can be quite abstract.” Here’s a good link to better understand what Urban Scapes (or Landscapes) is: http://digital-photography-school.com/photographing-urban-landscapes

Judge: Tom Fletcher

“I am a painter and sculptor.  Much of my sculpture and painting has been influenced by whimsy.  For fifteen years I spent running a toy store in St. Paul.  Toy design was a natural segue for me.  Many of my teachers in art school told me my work looked like toys.

I attended Wesleyan University where I studied child development in preparation for teaching.  I fortunately escaped the teaching profession until later in life by attending art school and shear good luck.  I studied sculpture and painting at the University of Minnesota where I studied with: Cathryn Nash, Alan Kraneing, Zig Preide, Louise Nevelson, George Morrison, Peter Bousa and Ray Hendler to name a few……….

I have shown work at the Walker Art Center and the Minnesota Museum of Art, as well as other galleries.

As I have grown older, I have developed the patience to work with students and tolerate school management.

I now spend much of my time teaching ESL, or in projects that support people new to the U.S.  This involvement has changed the way I see things, and so I am often in position of learning at least as much as I try to teach.  The involvement has strongly influenced my work.

For five years, I spent a month and a half each year teaching design in the “Magic School” >la escuela magica<.  This is an art school in the town of San Juancito, Honduras, run by Regina Aguilar.  This year, I have had the satisfaction of seeing some of my students graduate from university.  They have become teachers.

Art has become both a way of expression and a way of exploration.”

Awards in the Color Topic Category:

Awards in the Monochrome Topic Category:

Awards in the Color Open Category:

Awards in the Monochrome Open Category:


November Club Meeting:

Meeting Date: November 18, 2010 – 6:30 PM

Meeting Location: Christ Presbyterian Church

Digital Salon: “Sports Action” — Find a sporting event and capture the action. Sounds easier than it really is. You really need bright light, fast shutter and good timing to get that great sports action shot. There are a few techniques to try such as panning or intentional blur, but also try rapid burst and you might be lucky enough to the height of action. Remember there are more sports than football, baseball, and basketball. More info: http://www.photography-basics.com/2008/12/sports-photography/

Judge: Dick Kain

“I have taken pictures for over 60 years, and for a time, printed and developed all my black and white pictures. I am largely self-taught, though I have taken several workshops with nationally-known photographers. I am a member of the Twin Cities Digital Imaging Group, and the Minneapolis Photographic Society. I currently judge local and international photographic competitions. I was a beta tester for PhotoShop CS5.

I feel extraordinarily fortunate to have been able to take photographs on every continent at such places as: the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island, Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Egypt, Nepal, Norway, Iceland, Canada, Alaska, the American Southwest, Peru, Easter Island, Chile, China, Japan and the Galapagos Islands. I have 13 shows based on my trips that I share with people through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and through shows at senior centers.”

Awards in the Topic Category:

Awards in the Open Category:

December Club Meeting/Holiday Social:

Meeting Date:  December 16, 2010 – 6:30 PM

Meeting Location: Kathy Hara’s Home

About 20 people made the trek to Kathy Hara’s home for a wonderful evening of food, wine, conversation and print exchange. We once again thank Kathy and her husband for opening up their beautiful home to the club for this annual event. We hope that everyone had a marvelous time and enjoys the images they received during the print exchange.

A few photos from the evening:

January Club Meeting:

Meeting Date: January 20, 2011 – 6:30 PM

Meeting Location: Christ Presbyterian Church

Print Salon: “High Key/Low Key” — High and low key images are exactly what they’re named – photos whose primary tones are high in value meaning they’re predominately white, or low in value meaning predominately dark (not to be confused with images that are over exposed or under exposed). They both invoke mood and drama, so experiment with and submit both. An interesting challenge of achieving both in the same image will get you a special surprise! More info: http://www.takegreatpictures.com/photo-tips-and-techniques/13581

Judge: Gary Eckhardt

I’ve been active in photography  since the third grade.  Photography has since been a part of my various occupational  interests as well as a strong avocation.  My interest was peaked in the 1950’s  when I witnessed a display of work by the late Edward Weston.  Weston’s Pepper #30 has been my inspiration over the years and I am fortunate to possess a copy of that work.  The singular image is a fascination for me and I love to view the work of many excellent photographers.  My personal interests are in pictorial, scenic and human figure photography.  I am interested in the real image rather than the darkroom contrived image.  My current work largely consists of digital enhancements  of the real image.

My background is that I have degrees in Journalism  and Electrical Engineering.   I worked at Control Data and then switched to the environmental  field working for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency in the Air Quality Division.

After retiring in 1999, I worked part time for Apple Computer and also taught in the graphic arts program at Hennepin Technical  College.  At Hennepin Tech, the classes that I taught were on the use of the Macintosh computer and Adobe Photoshop.

At home, I use Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and several other image editing programs on the Macintosh and PC platforms.

Color Topic Awards:

Monochrome Topic Awards:

Color Open Awards:

Monochrome Open Awards:


February Club Meeting:

Meeting Date:  February 17, 2011– 6:30 PM

Meeting Location: Christ Presbyterian Church

Digital Salon: “All in the Eyes” — The title says it all. The goal of this salon is to make your subjects eyes the primary focus and draw. The general rule is to have the subject look directly in the lens and tack-sharp focus, but there are always exceptions to the rule if the eyes remain the primary element. Getting catch light from a light source or bright object really helps to add depth and draw. More info: http://www.dpmag.com/how-to/tip-of-the-week/better-portraits-are-all-in-the-eyes-4-13-09.html

Judge: Russ Borud

Russ Borud worked in hair fashion for a cosmetic company doing commercial work for many years and has a very keen eye for portrait work.  He tried wedding photography for awhile, hated it.

Currently, he is a passionate amateur and has been for very many years, but it hasn’t stopped him from selling many of his art images.

In all, he has visited the very depths of photographic depravity.

Topic Awards:

Open Awards:


March Club Meeting:

Meeting Date: March 17, 2011 – 6:30 PM

Meeting Location: Christ Presbyterian Church

Print Salon: “Broken” – This topic can be widely interpreted. We’ll leave it up to the photographer to define what “Broken” means to them. The judge will be asked to keep an open mind but it is up to the photographer to sell their definition to both the judge and viewer.

Judge: R Leo Pritschet

Leo Pritschet has been an avid photographer for about 40 years.

In his club competition days (long-ago), he was very active and held several positions in the St. Paul Camera Club, in the 3M Camera Club, and during that time, active with the Twin City Area Council of Camera Clubs.

He has been judging local photographic salons and international photographic salons for about 35 years.  During most of that time, his love was 20 x 24 inch monochrome prints.

However, he finally ripped out his 6 foot processing sink and gave away all of his enlarging equipment about half a dozen years ago, when he finally made the switch to digital photography.

Although he still does some monochrome work, he finds that 17×22 inch color prints now dominate his photography.

Color Topic Awards:

Color Open Awards:

Monochrome Open Awards:


April Club Meeting:

Meeting Date: April 21, 2011 – 6:30 PM

Meeting Location: Christ Presbyterian Church

Digital Salon: “High Dynamic Range” — A technique either in-camera or in post-production using multiple, bracketed exposures merged together to achieve perfect exposure throughout the entire tonal range, thus bringing out detail in highlights and shadow. The key to good HDR is controlling the effect so an image doesn’t have an unrealistic appearance, unless you want it to. In some cases, it may be difficult for the judge to determine whether it was done as an HDR. More info here: http://www.diyphotography.net/introduction-to-high-dynamic-range-hdr-photography

Judge: Larry Grace

A Minneapolis based photographer, my photography has appeared in brochures, books, catalogs, websites, and magazines for industries such as: Aviation, Architecture, High Tech, Energy, Healthcare, Travel, Real Estate, Military, Sports, and Children playground equipment.

I’ve been involved in photography for over 30 years, and have been active in the twin cities photography community since 1988.

During that time I’ve had the opportunity to photograph many different challenges from tabletop to professional sports. I’m proficient in digital and film photography, as well as medium and large format imagery.

Topic Awards:

Open Awards:


May Club Meeting:

Meeting Date:  May 19, 2011– 6:30 PM

Meeting Location: Christ Presbyterian Church

Print Salon: “Time” — Here’s a challenge to capture and express time in a unique way, but not necessarily photographing a clock. The image needs to express the presence of time; past and present or future (that one makes your brain hurt). Get creative! Try time lapse, motion, light trails, age contrasts or whatever, as long as it expresses the concept of time. Again, no link or examples to challenge thought. The judge will be asked to keep an open mind but it is up to the photographer to sell their definition to both the judge and viewer.

Judge: Peer Judging

Color Topic Awards:

Color Open Awards:

Mono Open Awards:


June Club Meeting/End of Year Banquet:

Meeting Date:  June 16, 2011– 6:00 PM

Meeting Location: Ridgepoint Apartments, 12600 Marion Lane West, Minnetonka

Wine and Social Hour – 6:00 pm
Dinner – 7:00 pm
Awards following dinner

“Best of the Best”: Banquet and social time followed by awards presentation:Points are accumulated throughout the competition year (September through May) and the three top scorers in each of the divisions (Monochrome Prints, Color Prints, Digital Images) are recognized during this special evening.

The “Competitor of the Year” is awarded to the person with the highest accumulated score overall score in all divisions. “Rookie Competitor of the Year” is awarded to a first-year member with the highest accumulated score overall in all divisions. The “President’s Award” is awarded to the CCC member who has shown exceptional dedication and service towards the goals, programs and projects of the club.

Judge’s awards are given based on the end-of-year judge(s) impressions of images that received an Acceptance (points = 8, 9 or 10) throughout the year.Judges:  Rikk Flohr, Laurie Hernandez, Alec Johnson

Image Awards:

Image of the Year (Art Dickey Award):

“Stillwater Flood and Fog” — Brian Billadeau Stillwater Flood and Fog -- Brian Billadeau 10/10

Color Print of the Year:

“Taipei 101 Observation Deck” — Lars Micheal Taipei Observation Deck -- Lars Michael 9/10

“Beaver House” — Forrest Pearson Beaver House -- Forrest Pearson 10/10

Color Print Honorable Mentions:

Mono Print of the Year:

“Tony Oliva” — Bill Cooper Tony Oliva -- Bill Cooper 9/10

“Rex” — Geoff Kuchera Rex -- Geoffrey Kuchera 10/10

Mono Print Honorable Mentions:

Digital Image of the Year:

“Madame DeFarge” — Cynthia Fleury Madame DeFarge -- Cynthia Fleury 9/10

“Eric” — Peter Wong Eric -- Peter Wong 9/10

Digital Image Honorable Mentions:

Competition Awards:

Rookie Competitor of the Year:

  1. Harold Shertner – 73 pts
  2. Michael Gilligan – 71 pts

Competitor of the Year:

Holly Kuchera / Steven Shor- 235 pts

100-Point Club:

  • Holly Kuchera – 235 pts
  • Steven Shor – 235 pts
  • Cynthia Fleury – 231 pts
  • Forrest Pearson – 224 pts
  • Geoff Kuchera – 219 pts
  • John Ringquist – 171 pts
  • Lars Michael – 167 pts
  • Peter Wong – 167 pts
  • Bill Cooper – 165 pts
  • Peter Thorpe – 141 pts
  • Lucius Luther – 123 pts

Color Print Competitor of the Year:

  1. Forrest Pearson – 96 pts
  2. Steven Shor – 81 pts
  3. Cynthia Fleury / Holly Kuchera – 68 pts

Mono Print Competitor of the Year:

  1. Geoff Kuchera – 37 pts
  2. Cynthia Fleury – 33 pts
  3. Holly Kuchera – 29 pts

Digital Competitor of the Year:

  1. Steven Shor – 99 pts
  2. Holly Kuchera – 98 pts
  3. Cynthia Fleury / Peter Wong – 95 pts

President’s Award:

Holly Kuchera

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