SEPTEMBER 15, 2011 - Letters of the Alphabet: (Digital)

“Letters of the Alphabet” — Be creative. Photograph literal or non-literal objects or shapes that create a letter or letters of an alphabet.

Judge: Vijay Karai

Vijay was born in Bangalore, India in a rather large family. Last of 14 siblings, his interest in Photography developed when he was young. His primary interest was in Black and white photography which he practiced in the wet darkroom for many years, before converting to a digital darkroom. Being a self taught artist he has practiced other genres such as painting and Batik, but he has devoted over thirty years to the study and practice of photography.

While in India, Vijay had lived in Bangalore where he was exposed to several photographic masters. Later after completing college, he has lived in a farm in a village that taught him the simplicity of life. When he immigrated to the USA in 1982, he took to photography with a gusto and soon excelled in photo clubs and International Photo Exhibitions. He currently works in the IT industry, but spends almost all his free time either photographing or engaging in Photographic endeavors. He regularly teaches a Photography class in Blaine, Minnesota where he has lived for over 25 years. He judges local and international exhibitions as well as county fairs. His images are widely published in calendars and catalogs. He has had several exhibitions including at the Blaine City Hall.

As an avid runner he has run several marathons and clearly understands the power of training and practice. He employs the same single minded devotion to photography

As promised – here are some images from Vijay’s recent jaunt to Kenya and some other locations.

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