October 2013 Club Meeting

Meeting Date: October 17, 2013 – 6:00 PM

Print Salon: “Night” – Photograph at night, without flash, in a place of little or no light. Raise your ISO as high as necessary.

Judge: Christopher Grey

Site mentioned by Chris to aid in helping you figure out how setup for taking pictures of the night sky: http://news.alpine-photography.com/2013/06/get-your-stars-right-tool-long-exposure.html

Judge’s Picks – Color Topic:

Judge’s Picks – Color Open:

Judge’s Picks – Monochrome Topic:

Judge’s Picks – Monochrome Open:

Program: Steve Cronin – The Far East

Steve is a well-regarded local photographer who has traveled widely. In his presentation, Steve will talk about his most recent trip to the Far East, and in particular discuss his use of guides as he visited various countries. He will talk about the criteria he used in choosing a guide, where he found his guides, the cost of such services and what pitfalls people might want to avoid when utilizing a guide.

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