May Club Meeting

May 20, 2010
6:30 pmto9:00 pm

Meeting Date:  May 20, 2010 – 6:30 PM

Meeting Location: Christ Presbyterian Church

Print Salon: “Vanishing Point” — The point at which receding parallel lines appear to converge in the distance. A technique often used to create great depth in an image. Roads, fences, long hallways, and railroads are often used to create a strong vanishing points in an image.

Awards in the Color Open Category:

Awards in the Monochrome Open Category:

Awards in the Color Topic Category:

Awards in the Monochrome Topic Category:

Program: “The Badlands” — presented by Rikk Flohr –

Don’t forget to bring your print acceptances from the 2009-2010 year in to be included in End-of-Year judging!

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