March Club Meeting

Meeting Date: March 17, 2011 – 6:30 PM

Meeting Location: Christ Presbyterian Church

Print Salon: “Broken” – This topic can be widely interpreted. We’ll leave it up to the photographer to define what “Broken” means to them. The judge will be asked to keep an open mind but it is up to the photographer to sell their definition to both the judge and viewer.

Judge: R Leo Pritschet

Leo Pritschet has been an avid photographer for about 40 years.

In his club competition days (long-ago), he was very active and held several positions in the St. Paul Camera Club, in the 3M Camera Club, and during that time, active with the Twin City Area Council of Camera Clubs.

He has been judging local photographic salons and international photographic salons for about 35 years.  During most of that time, his love was 20 x 24 inch monochrome prints.

However, he finally ripped out his 6 foot processing sink and gave away all of his enlarging equipment about half a dozen years ago, when he finally made the switch to digital photography.

Although he still does some monochrome work, he finds that 17×22 inch color prints now dominate his photography.

Color Topic Awards:

Color Open Awards:

Monochrome Open Awards:

Program: Brainstorm ideas for our 2012-13 salon topics and view a slide show of our colleague’s photos during the recent photo venture to the North Shore.

Video of Club North Shore Photography Trip:

–Install viewing software if needed (virus free!) and click image in center to play–

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