June Club Meeting

Meeting Date:  June 17, 2010– 6:00 PM

Meeting Location: Warehouse Winery6415 Cambridge Street, Minneapolis, MN

“Best of the Best”: Banquet and social time followed by awards presentation:

Points are accumulated throughout the competition year (September through May) and the three top scorers in each of the divisions (Monochrome Prints, Color Prints, Digital Images) are recognized during this special evening.

The “Competitor of the Year” is awarded to the person with the highest accumulated score overall score in all divisions. “Rookie Competitor of the Year” is awarded to a first-year member with the highest accumulated score overall in all divisions.

In addition to other special awards, judge’s awards are given based on the end-of-year judge(s) impressions of images that received an Acceptance (points = 8, 9 or 10) throughout the year.

Judges: Russ Borud, Mariann Cyr, Rikk Flohr, Laurie Hernandez

Image of the Year (Art Dickey Award):

“Old Boats on Lake Superior” — Cynthia Fleury Old Boats on Lake Superior -- Cynthia Fleury 10/10

Color Print of the Year:

“Desolation” – Lars Michael Desolation -- Lars Michael 9/10

Color Print Runner-Up:

“Abandoned for Winter” – Cynthia Fleury  Abandoned For Winter -- Cynthia Fleury 10/10

Color Print Honorable Mentions:

Monochrome Print of the Year:

“And They’re Off” – Holly Kuchera And They're Off -- Holly Kuchera 10/10

Monochrome Print Runner-Up:

“Kat-Silver Skin” – Lars Michael [SinglePic not found]

Monochrome Print Honorable Mentions:

Digital Image of the Year:

“Sandhills 4” – Peter Wong Sandhills 4 -- Peter Wong 10/10

Digital Image Runner-Up:

“Wingfoot” – Peter Wong Wing Foot Farm -- Peter Wong 9/10

Digital Image Honorable Mentions:


Rookie of the Year:

1st Place: Anne Marie Plante  -  98 Points

2nd Place: Peter Wong  -  82 Points

3rd Place: Ryan Siemers  -  71 Points

President’s Award:

John A. Olson and Brian Billadeau

Color Print Competitor of the Year:

1st Place: Steven Shor  -  96 Points

2nd Place: Cynthia Fleury  -  71 Points

3rd Place: John Ringquist  -  62 Points

Monochrome Print Competitor of the Year:

1st Place: Joe Moss  -  68 Points

2nd Place: Lars Michael  -  46 Points

3rd Place: Cynthia Fleury  -  31 Points

Digital Image Competitor of the Year:

1st Place: Steven Shor  -  94 Points

2nd Place: Holly Kuchera  -  93 Points

3rd Place: Bill Cooper  -  90 Points

100-Point Club:

Cynthia Fleury: 229 / Holly Kuchera: 206 / Joe Moss: 205 / Geoff Kuchera: 175 /Peter Thorpe: 170 / John Ringquist: 158 / Mark Karney: 153 / George Johnston: 149 / Bill Cooper: 138 / Lucius Luther: 123 / Kathy Hara: 101

Competitive Photographers of the Year: (tie)

Lars Michael  -  230 Points / Steven Shor   -  230 Points

Our final meeting was on the same night we normally would meet (Thursday, June 17, at 6:30 p.m.), but at a wine tasting warehouse. Instead of a photography presenter we tasted 7 different wines and ate grilled brats and other goodies.  The club provided the brats and condiments, the wine tasting was covered by a small fee, and members could purchase wines directly from the owner at a substantial discount.

Some photos of the location:

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