JUNE 21, 2007 – End of Year Banquet/Awards

“Best of the Best”: save all your winning images and bring them back of the end of year awards. Print and digital images that have been awarded 8 points or higher are entered in the End of Year salon competition.

Judge: Mariann Cyr

Art Dickey Award:

“Sheep Shearing” — Bob Dachelet Sheep Shearing -- Bob Dachelet

Monochrome Print of the Year: “Wisteria” — Cynthia Fleury  Wisteria -- Cynthia Fleury

Monochrome Print 2nd Place:

“Backlit Girl” — Dennis Mills Backlit Girl -- Dennis Mills

Monochrome Print 3rd Place: “Glowing” — Cynthia Fleury Glowing -- Cynthia Fleury

Monochrome Print Honorable Mentions:

Color Print of the Year: “Literary Walkway Central Park” — Cynthia Fleury Literary Walkway Central Park -- Cynthia Fleury

Color Print 2nd Place: “Daisy and Cup” — Holly Kuchera Daisy and Cup -- Holly Kuchera

Color Print 3rd Place:

“Sea Star” — Steven Shor Sea Star -- Steven Shor

Color Print Honorable Mentions:

Digital Image of the Year: “Sheep Shearing” — Bob Dachelet Sheep Shearing -- Bob Dachelet

Digital Image 2nd Place: “Ice Hockey” — Mark Karney Ice Hockey -- Mark Karney

Digital Image 3rd Place:

“Bales in Light” — Cynthia Fleury Bales in Light -- Cynthia Fleury

Digital Image Honorable Mentions:

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