January Club Meeting

Meeting Date: January 20, 2011 – 6:30 PM

Meeting Location: Christ Presbyterian Church

Digital Salon: “High Key/Low Key” — High and low key images are exactly what they’re named – photos whose primary tones are high in value meaning they’re predominately white, or low in value meaning predominately dark (not to be confused with images that are over exposed or under exposed). They both invoke mood and drama, so experiment with and submit both. An interesting challenge of achieving both in the same image will get you a special surprise! More info: http://www.takegreatpictures.com/photo-tips-and-techniques/13581

Judge: Gary Eckhardt

I’ve been active in photography  since the third grade.  Photography has since been a part of my various occupational  interests as well as a strong avocation.  My interest was peaked in the 1950’s  when I witnessed a display of work by the late Edward Weston.  Weston’s Pepper #30 has been my inspiration over the years and I am fortunate to possess a copy of that work.  The singular image is a fascination for me and I love to view the work of many excellent photographers.  My personal interests are in pictorial, scenic and human figure photography.  I am interested in the real image rather than the darkroom contrived image.  My current work largely consists of digital enhancements  of the real image.

My background is that I have degrees in Journalism  and Electrical Engineering.   I worked at Control Data and then switched to the environmental  field working for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency in the Air Quality Division.

After retiring in 1999, I worked part time for Apple Computer and also taught in the graphic arts program at Hennepin Technical  College.  At Hennepin Tech, the classes that I taught were on the use of the Macintosh computer and Adobe Photoshop.

At home, I use Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and several other image editing programs on the Macintosh and PC platforms.

Color Topic Awards:

Monochrome Topic Awards:

Color Open Awards:

Monochrome Open Awards:

Program: Kyle Krohn – West Photo

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