February Club Meeting

Meeting date:  February 18, 2010 – 6:00 PM

Meeting Location: Studio of Alec Johnson – 7117 Ohms Lane, Edina, MN

Program: Presentation by Alec Johnson on basic studio lighting techniques. The meeting will be on the same day as our regular meeting, but is scheduled to be held at Alec’ s studio not far from our current meeting site. It also will start a half hour earlier, or at 6:00 pm instead of 6:30.

If you get lost you can call Alec’s cell (651-278-4582) or Mark Karney’s (612-501-8555) for directions. Because models will be in use, feel free to come at the usual time (6:30) if you can’t make the earlier time as we will try to rotate shooters of the models over the course of the shoot. Makeup/Hair starts at 5:00 and if you’d like to see that action, come at that time.

This is a basic lighting presentation, but Alec will have models at 3 stations to shoot in rotation so bring your cameras if you desire.  Bringing Pocket Wizards or other remote flash/camera triggers and off camera flashes would be helpful, but not necessary. You do not have to bring a camera to attend. This should be an informative session, so please come even if you prefer not to shoot. We will have some food and snacks there as well due to the earlier start.

Some images from the evening:

Digital Salon: “Mystery Topic” — The challenge for this “Mystery” topic is to capture an image which shows or clearly suggests what Minnesota life outside is or can be like during one of our winters — either desirable or undesirable!  Consider this a photojournalism assignment, perhaps to illustrate a newspaper or magazine article.  It can be serious or humorous but a person or persons must be somewhere in the image and the image must illustrate or imply something about our lives: activities that we do or challenges we face during the warm absence of summer.

As the presentation will likely take the whole meeting time, we will still have a digital salon but will likely have to arrange for online judging. Submit your images per the digital salon rules and check the website after Feb 18th for the results.

Awards in the Open Category:

Awards in the Topic Category:

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