February 18, 2010 – Mystery Topic: (Digital)

“The challenge for this “Mystery” topic is to capture an image which shows or clearly suggests what Minnesota life outside is or can be like during one of our winters — either desirable or undesirable!  Consider this a photojournalism assignment, perhaps to illustrate a newspaper or magazine article.  It can be serious or humorous but a person or persons must be somewhere in the image and the image must illustrate or imply something about our lives: activities that we do or challenges we face during the warm absence of summer.”

Judge: Ron Timm

Videos of Judging:

Judge Introduction – Ron Timm

Topic – 6s & 7s

Topic – 8s, 9s & 10s (Acceptances)

Open – 6s & 7s

Open – 8s, 9s & 10s (Acceptances)

Awards in the Topic Category:

Awards in the Open Category:

Program: Model Shoot at the studio of Alec Johnson

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