Dynolights at Thrivent Building in Minneapolis: July 2011

There is a group of 14 photographers who belong to the Crosstown Camera Club that meet separately from that club to discuss ideas, techniques, and give critiques of each others work. In addition, the group formed to support each others work through publication and exhibitions.

Currently 5 members of the group have images hanging in an exhibit at the Thrivent Financial building in downtown Minneapolis. The building is a modern looking red glass structure located on 4th Avenue between 6th and 7th Streets across from the Hennepin County courthouse. The images are hung on movable pillars in the first floor main lobby of that building.

The exhibit contains 27 images. Some of the selected images from that exhibit are:

The exhibit will run through the month of July and is open during normal business hours to view. The Thrivent building is located on the Minneapolis skyway for easy access.

You can see other images from Dynolights members at: Dynolights.

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