Crosstown Camera Club Survey!

Hi Crosstown Camera Club Members

The Crosstown Camera Club Board would like your help preparing for this coming year.

We are trying to get a sense of what kinds of equipment and software people use for shooting, post processing and printing and members interests and attitudes toward a number of ideas, most notably salons, printing, exhibitions, education and mentoring programs and outings, as well as opening up to whatever ideas and suggestions you may have.

Because we know that people’s willingness to share what they think depends on anonymity we are using the services of Survey Monkey, an online service that compiles information in aggregate and formats the results in a way we can understand.

The Board will be reviewing and beginning to discuss the raw data and preparing a report to the membership beginning with our September Board meeting (Sept 3rd,not the 5th and at my house, due to a conflict), which all members are welcome to attend. We will then present a report to the whole membership by the first Salon, September 19th at Christ Presbyterian Church.

While we will keep the survey open till September 1st, experience tells us that the sooner people respond, the more likely they will. So if you can either invest those ten minutes right now or schedule a time to do so, that will go a long way to increase participation, which in the long run will help us do a better job at planning for the future.

The survey contains twenty five questions and takes less than ten minutes.

Please contact me at
if you didn’t get an invitation to do the survey via Crosstown’s Yahoo group.

Lastly I would like to thank Steve Wietgrefe for all his collaboration on the survey.

Bill Cooper

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