CCC Board Meeting Notes - September 6, 2011

Bill Cooper, Bob Solohub, Brian Billadeau, Elisabeth Genovese, Kathy Hara, Geoff Kuchera, Holly Kuchera, Peter Wong

General Announcements:
CCC will be providing a $50 prize and ribbon for the best photo of the Edina Juried Art Exhibition. The winner is picked by Edina Art Center judges.

Judging and Presenting:
–Vijay will be judging for September.
–Mark is working on a possible presenter for September.
–Rikk Flohr will be presenter for October.

Mini 15 minute Presentations at 6:15 PM to enhance the skills of beginners
September meeting: “Down and Dirty” mounting and matting techniques, by Peter Wong
October meeting: “Size Does Matter” the art of resizing digital photos, Steve Shor to determine presenter.

Year End Awards:
–There was discussion that competition for year-end awards is extremely close. But having two judging divisions, as discussed in August’s meeting, would be too complicated.
–The final solution: after 175 points, any previous Photographer of the Year winner gets 1/2 points in order to encourage competition and bragging rights.
–We will now have a Member’s Choice Award which will be voted on by the members in attendance at the End of Year Awards meeting in June.

Announcements for the Meeting:
–Target date for yearbook/handbook is November.
–Scott Board is planning a workshop for a small number of people on how to select, edit, and submit images to digital salons. Depending on how it goes, he may do another workshop for prints.
–During the meeting, any member can make an announcement about a “for pay” workshop they are leading, but they must be an active member in good standing for the workshop to be listed on the CCC website.
–We need more member links for the CCC website.

Other Reports:
Inter-club– Start poking Mark for details in November.
Web– Brian will flesh out descriptions for Salon topics. Peter needs to provide presenter/judge info/bio.
Treasurer– $2355.55 on hand as of 7.31.11
Membership– We already have 2 new members. Kathy wants to clean up the yahoo group. Anyone who hasn’t been a member for 2 years will be removed from the Yahoo group unless you tell us otherwise.
Trips– Have Cynthia say a few words about the Lanesboro trip.
Snacks– Judith has volunteers for September. She will bring a sign-up sheet.
Camera Council– Mark will make sure our information is accurate on the Camera Council website, ie: slide judging needs to be removed.

Crosstown Camera Club
Board Meeting
September 6, 2011
Submitted by: Elisabeth Genovese, Secretary

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