CCC Board Meeting Notes - November 8, 2011

Bill Cooper, Bob Solohub, Elisabeth Genovese, Judith Barat, Kathy Hara, Geoff Kuchera, Holly Kuchera

–Cash on hand $3405.55
–At Bill’s request, Bob will purchase $10 gift cards to give to the judges of the remaining salons to help defray driving costs.

–We currently have 45 members, two of which re-joined after an absence of several years.
–Kathy will send out notices to people who haven’t paid their dues yet.

–Bill was told by Lee that the judge for November will be Mary Jane Melnick.
–Holly said the presenter’s information was on the CCC website.
–Steve Shor will present a mini lesson on selective coloring at the November meeting.
–Bill was impressed with John Anderson’s judging abilities at the judging classes they both attended and would like to get John to judge one of CCC’s salons.
–Judith thinks Sandy Cotes would be a good judge also.

–Mark is the interim head of the Camera Council and is working hard on Interclub. We are really lucky having him do the planning.

–Bill pointed out the Star Tribune article on the Edina Art Center’s financial problems and asked how we could help:
1) Bill suggested requesting that members give a $10 donation above and beyond CCC membership dues.
2) Geoff suggested people take advantage of the many classes offered at the Center.
3) Kathy suggested buying gifts from the Center, especially with Christmas coming up.
4) Bob suggested we “pass the hat” or make a donation from CCC’s treasury.
5) Geoff suggested a match for match out of CCC’s treasury to any donation made by a member.

–One of the members emailed Bill asking if it would be possible to submit digital images larger than 1280 pixels. Geoff explained that our projector won’t accommodate higher resolutions and that it really only projects at 1024×768 pixels.

–The email also asked for clarification on the February salon as to what the parameters are for “After Dark.” It was decided that “After Dark” is figurative. The intention is that the sun must be below the horizon.

–It was decided that the Christmas party would be at Kathy’s house again. BYOB, bring a food item, and a wrapped 11×14 image to exchange.

For Future Discussion
–Should a tryptic option be allowed for every salon?
–Scott Board would like to restructure CCC’s Flicker account.

Crosstown Camera Club
Board Meeting
November 8, 2011
submitted by Elisabeth Genovese, secretary

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