CCC Board Meeting Notes - May 3, 2011

C.C.C. Board Meeting Minutes 5/3/2011

Attendees: Holly & Geoff K, John O, Peter W, Brian B, Bill C, Judith B, Kathy H, Mark K, Bob S, & Lee S.

Bob reported the treasury has $2622.17 in the coffer.

Kathy said the current membership is at 61 members. We had 2 people join in March and 1 in April.

John O. has the judges set for June but that is not the case currently for May – things are in flux.

Brian B. informed us that all digital entries have been submitted to him. Holly K. has received the digital copies of this year’s club prints. Two are still in the pipeline. John O. will do a spreadsheet for this year’s prints and Brian will do the same for the digital entries.

Peter Wong and Lee will do the recruitment of judges for our 2012 season. Peter will recruit presenters for our monthly CCC meetings.

Lee will pick up and transport the print stands for our use at the club’s year end meeting/party.

Judith B. is organizing the year end sware. The big event will be at Ridgepoint, near the Ridgedale shopping center. The non-refundable fee will be $10.00 in advance of the event date. No ‘at the door admission’. Bill will announce the club’s need for volunteers to set up & clean up for this event.

Mark is working on our next speaker. Nothing new is available on the ‘exhibits’ front. Mark reported that the Camera Council is making a list of photo judges and the council is also working on demos and presentations for next fall. These will be $10 per event admissions that will be available to all club members.

From a lengthy list, the CCC board selected the following monthly photo topics for our 2013 season:

September digital – Night Shots
October print – Disposable Camera shots
November digital – Heavy Industry
December – CCC annual Holiday Party
January print – Thought
February digital – Freeze Frame
March print – Impressionistic
April digital – Humorous
May print – Long Exposures
June review – year end meeting and image recognition

submitted – Lee Swenson

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