CCC Board Meeting Notes - January 2, 2012

Bill Cooper, Bob Solohub, Elisabeth Genovese, Geoff Kuchera, Holly Kuchera, Judith Barat, Kathy Hara, Peter

–Peter has a presenter for March, but not February.
–Holly and Geoff said Alec Johnson was willing to be a presenter.

–Cash on hand $3337.55
–Kathy presented the webhosting bill to Bob for payment.
–Webhosting with Lars is ending in October. We budgeted $120.00. Geoff will check around this summer
for other hosting options.
–$285.00 was collected at the November meeting for the Edina Art Center.
–$190.00 in dues
–2 new members
–Kathy is going through the Yahoo list to eliminate non-members and encourage new members to join the
Yahoo site.

January Meeting
Holly and Geoff will tell people how to prepare for Interclub and the International Print Circuit competitions.
It was suggested to discuss Print Circuit before the break and Interclub after the break.

–Edina Art Center closes early on due date for Interclub submissions. Need to let people know.
–Need submissions for the Interclub group competition by January 18th so we can pick images at the
January meeting. Bring 3 images.
–Bring 5 images for critique for the individual Interclub submissions on a PC formatted thumb drive. If you
bring prints they should be 8×10 up to 16×20.

Crosstown Camera Club
Board Meeting
January 2, 2012
submitted by Elisabeth Genovese, secretary

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