CCC Board Meeting Notes - August 2, 2011

Attendance: Bob Solohub, Bill Cooper, Brian Billadeau, Elisabeth Genovese, Judith Barat, Kim, Lee Swenson, Peter Wong

2012 Officers and Volunteers:
President: Bill Cooper
2nd VP/Treasurer: Bob Solohub
Secretary: Elisabeth Genovese
Past President: Mark Karney

Club Records: Cynthia Fleury
Digital Chairpersons and Webmasters: Holly and Geoff Kuchera
Education Coordinator: Steve Shor
Judge Coordinators: Lee Swenson and Peter Wong
Local Photographic Opportunities Scavenger: Holly Kuchera
Membership Coordinator: Kathy Hara
Program Coordinator: Peter Wong
Promotions: Brian Billadeau
Volunteer Coordinator: Judith Barat

Treasurer’s Report:
Bob reported the checkbook balance is $2532.17 as of yesterday.
–Get your receipts in so checks can be written.
–Judith’s year-end party costs were $362.00 out of a $400.00 advance. Judith gives $38.00 back to the kitty.

Judging and Presenting:
–Peter has a tentative judge-presenter for September: Susan Gilmore, an architectural photographer.
–Peter suggested possibly getting a retired art director for a judge.
–Having judges with a different point of view is refreshing. ie: a painter
–Lee Swenson said John Olson sent him a list of names of past judges.
–Bill, Lee and Peter to get the photo judging process flow from John Olson.

Defining Salon Topics:
September–Letters of the alphabet: Be creative. Photograph literal or non literal objects or shapes that create a letter or letters of an alphabet.
October–Photojournalism: Tell a story using 1 or more images to make a single story on a board up to 16 x 20. The guidelines for photojournalism apply.
November–Humor: Capture humor
January–Tracks: This topic can be widely interpreted. We’ll leave it up to the photographer to define and “sell” what “tracks” means to them.
February–After Dark: After sunset and before sunrise
March–Living Faces: living human faces
April–Industrial: Get your hard hat, boots, hazmat suit, and go out and shoot!
May–Rural Landscapes: Get away from the city

Judging Divisions:
–Bob crunched the numbers for the past several years. Numbers are close for Photographer of the Year.
A brainstorming session produced the following…
–There will be 2 divisions: Amateur and Professional
–The determination between Amateur and Professional will be made up of several factors. ie: scores from previous years, if you make a living being a photographer.
–Once you are in the Professional division, you will stay there.
–At the end of the year members will vote for a People’s Choice for both the Amateur and Professional divisions.
–A Digital image must be submitted for an accepted print if you want to be considered.

For Future Discussion:
–Still need more fleshing out of the 2 divisions plan including what the cutoff will be between the Amateur division and Professional division.
–Planning of the Interclub Competition
–Do we need to do anything differently this year?

Crosstown Camera Club
Board Meeting
August 2, 2011
Submitted by: Elisabeth Genovese, Secretary

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