CCC Board Meeting Notes – April 5, 2011

CrossTown Camera Club Board Meeting Notes – 4/05/2011

Attendees: Bill C, Bob S, Holly and Geoff K, John O, Brian B, Lee S.

The meeting was shorter than normal because of board member absences.

Bob, our treasurer reported a current fund balance of $2537.51.

John reported that he has lined up a judge with HDR experience for our April meeting.  He also has 2 of 3 required judges for our June – year end – meeting.

Bill will talk to Steve Shore about doing a brief – very brief, “how I did that” presentation using particular photo techniques.  This would be done one half hour before our regularly scheduled meetings.

Brian reports that as of this date he does not have a commercial firm to print up our yearbook.  He is working on a solution for this concern.

Geoff reports that there has been some continued email problems with the other Cross Town Club.  Geoff has acquired two other closely related domain names so as to avert additional email problems with clubs using like-named web sites like our own.

Get your club “acceptances” to Hollly – she needs to track all of our club salon acceptances.

This year CCC placed 5th overall in the recent interclub competition. Several of our members had acceptances or awards from this competition. Congratulations!

There was a general and unresolved discussion on what constitutes the best use of our CCC historical archives.  The board will begin its meetings, by review one of the many 3-ring binders.  We will start by culling the oldest material 1st.  At some point, the question of what to digitize must be addressed.  It was felt that just letting this archived material “sit around” in the club historian’s basement was NOT a “best practice” for CCC historical documents.  We need the current membership to have a say in what this club history means to them. What portions are worth digitizing and if an abridged version should be brought to each general meeting so members could read it before our meetings or during intermission?


Lee Swenson

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