CCC Board Meeting Notes – March 1, 2011

C.C.C. BOARD MEETING   3/1/2011

Attendees: Bill C, Bob S, Kathy H, Mark K, John O, Brian B, Holly & Geoff K, Lee S.

Bob reported that our treasury funds were down slightly due to expenditures. Our balance is now $2,407.00

Kathy reported the good news of our highest ever (at least in recent years) membership: 58.  Kathy also said a couple of members paid past dues.

Brian reported that there was nothing new to report about a C.C.C. yearbook.

Mark said there is nothing new on the exhibitions front.  He is working with Peter Wong on making a club presentation on the recent club sponsored North Shore Photo Journey.  Assurances were made that there will be no lack of light house photographs.  It was a well attended event .  Attendees of the North Shore Journey had a great time and it was a toss-up as to whether the wine or the photos were better. Mark and Peter are already discussing a “next trip”, but it is undefined at this time.

Geoff said that he has acquired (on behalf of the C.C.C) the two alternate web sites with the name CrossTown Camera Club.  This was a deliberate attempt on the club’s behalf to avoid crossing e-mails from photo clubs with a similar name such as CrossTown Camera.  This has happened previously, and it was the board’s determination to avoid such confusion by purchasing the rights to similar domain names.

The following are some items of general discussion. Board members are to set a good example of club civility during all judging of club photo events when we have a guest judge for both digital and print photos.  Judges are guests of the club and come to us on a voluntary basis.  Spontaneous floor objection or debate demeans our club’s stature and may even hurt us if we get a reputation for unfriendliness or hostility toward our guest judges.  Bill will make a note to comment about this concern to the CCC general membership.

The Camera Council will be sponsoring a variety of Ten Buck Chuck Photo seminars for this coming year.  These seminars will focus on attracting and helping new members to all the areas photo clubs to get up to speed photographically and to promote general competence in the photographic arts.  Watch the Camera Council’s web site for further information.  Mark reports that communication and out reach of the Camera Council’s members to area clubs is still very weak and the Council still struggles to define it’s relevance to its member clubs. The Council struggles as well to even create a written history of roles and responsibilities of its council members and special events such as the inter-club photo competition.

Next month’s CCC print photo topic is “Broken”.  John says to keep your photos really tack sharp!

Submitted,  Lee Swenson

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