CCC Board Meeting Notes – February 1, 2011

c.c.c. Board Meeting Notes

attendees: Bob S, Bill C, Holly & Geoff K, John O, Lee S, Mark K, Brian B

Bob S. reported  that our treasury has $2527.51 in its account. This figure includes some overdue membership dues and (2) new members’ dues as well.

John Olson reports that we have a judge for this month (Feb.) but he still needs to recruit judges for March and April.  Our April judge must know the HDR photo style, and be comfortable judging it.  Some judges are unwilling to tackle this genre.  Several names were mentioned but no decision has been made to date.

Mark K. reported that Peter Wong is willing to do an “in club” photo studio presentation.  Peter and Mark will rent some needed equipment and plan a club presentation.

Brian B reported there is no new news on the CCC Yearbook at this time.

Geoff K. talked about web names and issues. He said that CCC can and should own related names akin to our current web site (CrossTown Camera  There has already been an interloper that has caused e-mail confusion.  The out-of-state web site now has a web presence.  It was decided by unanimous vote that our club should purchase (2) related web names:  CrossTown Camera and CrossTown Camera  These additional names will cost the club ~$20/annum but will benefit the club  with greater clarity and identity on the web.  Geoff proposed the CCC should own our own domain and this would cost ~120/year versus having Lars be our domain host for ~$75/year.  This was also approved unanimously.

General discussion included the relatively new “Dynolights” ad hoc group that is a spin-off of (12) CCC members who have formed a Master Mind group to discuss topics of relevance and concern to that group.  Master Mind groups need to be small by their nature and this one is effectively full.  Mark will give Holly K. a synopsis of the Dynolight  group’s mission and vision that they are working on but have not fully fleshed out yet.  This group is still evolving and it is very fluid as yet.  Members of CCC spin-off groups must be dues paying members in CCC.

Club Competition:  Images are due by February 17 (our meeting night) and are to be submitted on a usb flashdrive or as a c.d. (flashdrives are the preferred format).  Members may submit up to (7) jpeg images (full size – no need to resize at this juncture) for the judges’ consideration.

Submitted:     Lee Swenson

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