CCC Board Meeting Notes – December 7, 2010

Attendees: Holly and Geoff K, John O, Bill C, Bob S, Brian B, Kathy H and Lee S.

Treasury – Bob S. current balance: $2,453.61.  Bob also presented to the board a projected expense sheet broken into (3) basic areas and covers a time frame through 2012.

Membership – Kathy reported there are now ~45 members in the CCC  Kathy will soon send out a reminder to members who are delinquent with their annual dues.   She will also be making a potential winter trip announcement.  There are currently 27 members planning to attend the Holiday Party at Kathy’s home.

Web items – Geoff has made a “members only” area on our club’s web site.  Currently this area is in beta testing and has only meeting minutes.  At some time in the future, members will be assigned a login and  password.  It will be selectively rolled out to board members 1st for proof of concept and functionality.  On a related note, Lars will retain the CCC domain.  Lars, Bill and Geoff will confer in the near future to discuss potential problems/pitfalls regarding a single member owning our club domain site.  John O. will send judging rules to Geoff for inclusion in the members only area of our site.

Judging and club history – John Olson has arranged a judge for our January meeting. For future meetings, John has (2) judges in the wings and another (2) for our year end meetings and will work on additional ones for other club meetings.

New trips – Holly has no additional trips now and she will be phasing her CCC trip function out due to poor attendance at announced events.  She will post future photo trip opportunities to the Yahoo Group site so members can check there for trips.

Miscellany -  prints need to be in for Print Circuit competition by Jan. 10.  PSA is the sponsor and judging will be in over (2) weekends and members are encouraged to witness the “speed judging” by the judges at this event.  You can learn a lot by attending this event.  The Print Circuit is a really large event with something like 14K prints submitted from all over the world.

Interclub Competition, a regional event, will be in February, but no other details are known at this time.

Bob S, Bill C. and Kathy H. will continue to review the CCC  board and by-laws structure and at some point will put a revised board structure for discussion by the whole board.  This is a work in progress.

Submitted – Lee Swenson

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