June 17, 2010 – End of Year Banquet/Awards

Old Boats-Bayfield -- Cynthia Fleury

“Best of the Best”: Banquet and social time followed by awards presentation [...]

Acceptance Gallery 2009-2010 Season

Let Me Swim -- Joe Moss

This gallery contains the best of the best images for the 2009-10 club season [...]

May 20, 2010 – Vanishing Point: (Print)

Great Wall -- Steven Shor 10/10

“The point at which receding parallel lines appear to converge in the distance. A technique often used to create great depth in an image. Roads, fences, long hallways, and railroads are often used to create a strong vanishing points in an image.” [...]

April 15, 2010 – Storms: (Digital)

Wall Cloud -- Peter Thorpe 10/10

“It isn’t necessary to wait for a severe storm warning to shoot this topic, but it might help! Just look for a disturbance in the atmosphere marked by wind and usually by rain, snow, hail, sleet, or thunder and lightening. Becoming a storm chaser is not recommended.” [...]

March 18, 2010 – Staircases: (Print)

Down the Stone Steps -- Geoffrey Kuchera 10/10

“A structure containing a stairway; a flight of stairs with supporting structure. spiral or winding, wooden or metal, classic or modern, in a home or a museum. Be sure to make the staircase the main element in the image.” [...]

February 18, 2010 – Mystery Topic: (Digital)

It\'s So Cold -- Mark Karney 10/10

“The challenge for this “Mystery” topic is to capture an image which shows or clearly suggests what Minnesota life outside is or can be like during one of our winters — either desirable or undesirable! Consider this a photojournalism assignment, perhaps to illustrate a newspaper or magazine article. It can be serious or humorous but a person or persons must be somewhere in the image and the image must illustrate or imply something about our lives: activities that we do or challenges we face during the warm absence of summer.” [...]

January 21, 2010 – Tears: (Print)

Bad Haircut -- Joe Moss 10/10

“Whether tears of sadness or joy, this topic will be a challenge. Heads shots are very effective for capturing tearful expressions of stress, pain, or extreme happiness. Don’t forget babies, and children are a good source, your own or your grandchildren.” [...]

November 19, 2009 – Reflections: (Digital)

Farm -- Judith Barat 10/10

“Reflections can lead to some amazing and beautiful images. Water, windows, mirrors or any reflective surface can alter a straightforward image into something richer or more artistic. Using reflections could take your photographic skills to the next level.” [...]

October 15, 2009 – Country Road (Print)

Tuscan Countryside -- Cynthia Fleury 10/10

“What could inspire a photographer more than a leisurely drive down a country road? The possibilities are endless: a winding road along a river or through a forest of trees, a road shrouded in fog or covered with snow, or the brilliant colors of a setting sun highlighting the road and it surroundings. Time to head out of the city.” [...]

September 17, 2009 – Neon (Digital)

Fair Ride -- Peter Thorpe 10/10

“Neon — As in neon lights, those luminous tubes used for bright, eye-catching signs. To find your subject head for commercial areas such as shopping centers, malls, state or local fairs, any location where “night life” thrives.” [...]