JUNE 19, 2008 – End of Year Banquet/Awards

“Best of the Best”: save all your winning images and bring them back of the end of year awards. Print and digital images that have been awarded 8 points or higher are entered in the End of Year salon competition. [...]

MAY 15, 2008 – Painterly Effects: (Print)

Misty Morn Cades Cave -- Cynthia Fleury 10/10

“Photos should be shot in a manner or manipulated after capture to give a final image that has the attributes and style of a painting. Possible effects include shapes that are not sharply defined, colors that are simplified or exaggerated, and/or lines and textures that simulate brush or stylus strokes. The photographer’s impressionistic interpretation of the subject is encouraged.” [...]

APRIL 17, 2008 – Extremely Minnesota: (Digital)

March Snow Storm -- John Ringquist 10/10

“Subject depicts some aspect of Minnesota that is basic or essential to the nature of the state; things that exceed the ordinary or are considered in excess.” [...]

MARCH 20, 2008 – Ruins: (Print)

Old Barns -- Mark Karney 10/10

“The remains of something destroyed, disintegrated or decayed.” [...]

FEBRUARY 21, 2008 – Smoke: (Digital)

Smokers 1 -- Mark Karney 9/10

“The gaseous products of burning materials; slang for a cigarette; a mass of column of smoke; to blacken or darken with smoke, such as from a fire.” [...]

JANUARY 17, 2008 – Curves/Circles: (Print)

Summer Palace Doorway -- Brian Billeadeau 10/10

“Lines that deviate from straightness in a smooth continuous fashion, such as the human body or a curving street; a line that is bent or formed into a curve. Something in the form of a circle; movement or line in or as if in a circle.” [...]

NOVEMBER 15, 2007 – Photojournalism: (Digital)

Air Show Opening Jump -- John Ringquist 10/10

“Document life as it is without accentuating the textured fabric of the human condition or produce an image for political, social and personal statements.” [...]

OCTOBER 18, 2007 – Babies/Infants/Children: (Print)

Dandelion Wish -- Brian Billadeau 9/10

“From birth to age sixteen is subject is human, formal portraits, family grab shots, cute puppies or zoo babies.” [...]

SEPTEMBER 20, 2007 – Bottles: (Digital)

Bottles in the Background -- Peter Denny 10/10

“A receptacle, usually glass, having narrow neck and a mouth that can be plugged, corked or capped. The bottle, not the baby or beer brand, should be the subject this month.” [...]