JUNE 21, 2007 – End of Year Banquet/Awards

Sheep Shearing -- Bob Dachelet

“Best of the Best”: save all your winning images and bring them back of the end of year awards. Print and digital images that have been awarded 8 points or higher are entered in the End of Year salon competition. [...]

MAY 17, 2007 – A Photo Technique: (Print)

Whirling Dancers -- Steven Shor 10/10

“Implies in-camera multiple exposure, lens flare, deliberate lens distoration, use of tungsten film in daylight, etc.” [...]

APRIL 19, 2007 – Ice: (Digital/Slide)

Ice Hockey -- Mark Karney 9/10

“Water frozen solid, but also slang for diamonds or could be frosting on a cake.” [...]

MARCH 15, 2007 – Shadows: (Print)

Shadow Painting -- Geoff Kuchera 10/10

“The shaded areas in an image either sharply outlined second representation of an object in the sunlight or it may be a dark forest floor.” [...]

FEBRUARY 15, 2007 – Edibles: (Digital/Slide)

Lime Macro -- Geoff Kuchera 10/10

“Raw or prepared foodstuffs capable, fit or ready to eat. So animal foods and Twinkies should both qualify.” [...]

JANUARY 18, 2007 – Emotions: (Print)

Happiness -- Lucius Luther 10/10

“Usually shown in our facial expressions, but love, hate, joy or even envy are what the judge will be looking for.” [...]

NOVEMBER 16, 2006 – Farming: (Digital/Slide)

Montana -- Robert Cuerden 10/10

“The people, machines, tools, buildings, landscapes used to grow food or other farm products.” [...]

OCTOBER 19, 2006 – Other People's Art: (Print)

Mould\'s Carving -- Cynthia Fleury 10/10

“It might be graffiti on a wall, a statue in a park, batik, whatever, but photos of other people’s art generally do poorly with judges unless the photographer finds a fresh perspective or method of presentation.” [...]

SEPTEMBER 21, 2006 – Planes, Trains and Automobiles: (Digital/Slide)

Caddy Hood Ornament -- Denny Kroger 10/10

“Hardly needs definition other than a gentle reminder that the plane, train or automobile is the subject of the image, not an incidental detail.” [...]