Photographic Print Seminar - Jan 11, 2014

A working seminar presented by Rikk Florr & Laurie Hernandez, allows for hands-on work and a print to go home with. We have filled the Stylistec Essential Printing and Matting Course for this Saturday, January 11, 2014. Thanks to everyone who signed up. Due to the limited size of the room, we will not be accepting any walk ins, only those who have already signed up. [...]

Flower Photography by Steve Shor

On March 21st I gave a short presentation at our CCC meeting about some of the ins and outs of flower photography. I am repeating some of that information here for those who may be interested but didn’t attend the meeting.

Focus: While auto focus is great you will find that often your camera ends [...]

Traveling with your Camera Gear and Luggage Overseas by Cynthia Fleury

Tips for traveling with your camera gear overseas. [...]

Google+ Photographer's Conference Video from Brian Billadeau

Scott Kelby – Crush the Composition … Peter Hurley – Art of the Headshot … Kelby Training YouTube Channel for the Google+ Photographer’s Conference [...]

Textures & Borders by Holly Kuchera

Yul -- Holly Kuchera 8/10

A short tutorial on adding textures and borders to images by Holly Kuchera: [...]