Flower Photography by Steve Shor

On March 21st I gave a short presentation at our CCC meeting about some of the ins and outs of flower photography. I am repeating some of that information here for those who may be interested but didn’t attend the meeting. Focus: While auto focus is great you will find that often your camera ends up [...] [...]

Traveling with your Camera Gear and Luggage Overseas by Cynthia Fleury

Tips for traveling with your camera gear overseas. [...]

Google+ Photographer's Conference Video from Brian Billadeau

Scott Kelby – Crush the Composition … Peter Hurley – Art of the Headshot … Kelby Training YouTube Channel for the Google+ Photographer’s Conference [...]

Textures & Borders by Holly Kuchera

Yul -- Holly Kuchera 8/10

A short tutorial on adding textures and borders to images by Holly Kuchera: http://www.tortoiseproductions.com/texturesborders/ [...]