CCC Board Meeting Notes – November 2, 2010

Attendees: Bill C, John O, Bob S, Kathy H, Lee S, Judith B, Holly & Geoff K, Mark K, Brian B.

Bob S. – Treasury    The club is $2023.61 in the black plus a few additional memberships to process.  Bob submitted a useful estimated 2010/2011 budget for our discussion. It was useful in assisting the board in giving feedback to dollar amounts to some categories

Kathy H – Membership     Our club membership jumped to 49 plus a ‘maybe’ member.  This is very good news as we, as a club, have hovered around the 35-40 members for a long time.

Holly and Geoff K – Web Site.  Just a note that we are to encourage our fellow members to submit their 8,9, or 10 salon submissions (both for digital and print) to Holly or  Geoff for the website.  Geoff also reported that he is closing in on having a section of the CCC website that will be accessible to CCC members only.  That will be very useful for exclusive or proprietary club information in the future.

Brian B. – Click and the CCC Yearbook     The Click e-publication will be an ongoing – mostly monthly club newsletter/blog that will be posted on our club website.  In the past this had been a monthly hardcopy but getting the articles, arranging them and publishing them in a timely manner became onerous.  So now, this monthly e-published missive, will be called CLICK.  The CCC yearbook will be published for members only.  Copies will not be given out to non-members.

John O. -Judging – John has a judge for this month’s salon digital entries.  From now on, John O. will be handling and coordinating the #s on the back of the print submissions and getting them properly listed and coordinated with their scores in a timely manner. We will have a  shadow judge for next month.

Holly – Trips     Going forward, she will keep on posting and informing us of trips.

Judith B. – Year End Soiree     Judith has a place for our end-of-the-year party, Ridgepoint Retirement Home across from the Ridgedale shopping center in Wayzata.  The prices appear very reasonable and the setting sounds like a winner for our club.  Members are welcome to bring their own wine or spirits. Thanks Judith!

Mark K. – Exhibitions,Programs,  et cetera     Rick Fleur is willing to present to our club once again.  His   emphasis will be on his  program and techniques and not on his photos.  Mark mentioned that despite the glacial pace of change at the Camera Council, he is pushing them to be relevant to their member clubs.  Mark is helping them find ways to reinvent themselves, such as organizing and presenting classes for members to local clubs.  He said coming up with new topics for the Council blog remains difficult.  So read the blog and send Mark any ideas you think would be of interest for the blog.  Mark mentioned that John Rinquist wants to lead a portfolio/next-step-up group that will focus on technique, organization and structure for high quality exhibiting.

Bill C. -  President   Board and CCC Structure are being looked at vis a vis the bylaws on which the group was originally formed many years ago.  Bill, Kathy and Bob have met and are revising and updating the written material.  An example of a change will be the dissolution of the “darkroom manager” position that the original by-laws call for.  This group will continue to meet and advise the CCC board of their progress.

Miscellany – Kathy Hara has kindly invited us to her home again for our Holiday Party.  Kathy said to bring hors d’oeuvres or dessert to share plus your chosen wine or spirit and, most importantly, a matted and gift wrapped photo for exchange.  She will supply soda to all guests.

Submitted – Lee Swenson

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