April Club Meeting

Shelly Mosman, an American portrait photographer is scheduled for our April program

A quote from Camille LeFevre, Best of City Pages, Dec 2014:
“Shelly Mosman’s photography thrillingly disrupts our supposed equilibrium. Her portraits deliver the depth and mystery associated with the Old World Masters’ coloration and gravity, while accentuating the flaws we struggle so valiantly to hide, al Diane Arbus. In her work, the man on the street, your next-door neighbor, and ordinary children with their pets become characters from a William Faulkner, Dorothy Allison, or Cormac McCarthy novel through the brooding narratives Mosman excavates from her subjects.”

Shelly’s work has been included in publications in the US and from around the world – France, Germany, Australia, Germany, and Brazil to name a few.

You can see some of Shelly’s work on her website

It is a digital salon and the topic is Dance

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