2013 Interclub Club Contest - Entries Due Feb 3rd, 2013

Please digitally submit up to 6 of your best images that have not been selected for previous year’s Interclub Club Contests by February 3rd at 10 PM. Submit the same way you do for monthly salons to digitalsalon@crosstowncameraclub.com. Put “Interclub Competition” in the subject line and include your name in the title of each image.

Interclub Club Contest Rules
(Each club is competing against all other camera clubs)

  • Each club can submit up to 20 images on any topic (mono or color)
  • Images accepted in prior Interclub Competitions may not be resubmitted.
  • Computer manipulation of any kind is allowed
  • Only one image is allowed per member
  • If the club has less than 20 members, some members can submit 2 images
  • Each club selects its own images for submission
  • Images must not exceed 1280 pixels on longest side
  • Color space sRGB is recommended
  • Must be submitted in JPEG format
  • Submit on a CD/thumb drive
  • Images must be numbered 1-20 and have a title after the number

For example:

    1. Yellow Bird
    2. Ferrari
    3. Etc
  • CD’s will be destroyed/thumb drives returned with prints to affiliated club


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