SEPTEMBER 16, 2010 – Macro: (Digital)

Red Dahlia -- Cynthia Fleury 10/10

“Macro” — Close-up photography (1:1 or closer) with limited depth of field. Find small details of larger objects to create abstract looking images, or maybe you want to take pictures of creepy crawlies like spiders and beetles or maybe close ups of flowers. [...]

OCTOBER 21, 2010 – Urban Scapes: (Print)

Taipei Rooftops -- Lars Michael 10/10

Print Salon: “Urban Scapes” — Imagine all the steel and concrete are natural elements outside of the city. This challenge goes beyond cityscapes, architectural, street photography or city panoramas, here you want to find urban shape, patterns and compositions that mimic natural ones. As one person put it, “Urban Landscape photography is often gritty, it’s not always pretty and it can be quite abstract.” Here’s a good link to better understand what Urban Scapes (or Landscapes) [...]

NOVEMBER 18, 2010 – Sports Action: (Print)

MOS -- Peter Wong 10/10

“Sports Action” — Find a sporting event and capture the action. Sounds easier than it really is. You really need bright light, fast shutter and good timing to get that great sports action shot. There are a few techniques to try such as panning or intentional blur, but also try rapid burst and you might be lucky enough to the height of action. Remember there are more sports than football, baseball, and basketball. [...]

JANUARY 20, 2011 – High Key/Low Key: (Print)

Superior Rocks -- Peter Wong 10/10

“High Key/Low Key” — High and low key images are exactly what they’re named – photos whose primary tones are high in value meaning they’re predominately white, or low in value meaning predominately dark (not to be confused with images that are over exposed or under exposed). They both invoke mood and drama, so experiment with and submit both. An interesting challenge of achieving both in the same image will get you a special surprise! [...]