Lanesboro Photography Trip: Aug 25-28, 2011

August 25th – 28th, 2011 a group of Crosstown Camera Club Members journeyed down to Laneboro, Minnesota for a long weekend of photography and socializing. The weather was perfect, the company entertaining and the photography opportunities endless.

Here is a sampling of some of the images taken over the weekend:

Our thanks to Cynthia Fleury (and her husband, Joe!) for organizing the trip and to our spouses for “tolerating” a little vacation in Amish Country!

- Scott and Mary Board, Brian Billadeau, Gary and Barb Eckhardt, Payton and Judy Hage, Geoff and Holly Kuchera, Mark Karney, Dale Lewellyn, Lars Michael, Dennis and Carolyn Mills, John and Barb Olson, Forrest Pearson, John and Anne Ringquist, Steve and Rita Shor, Corrine Standish, Lee Swenson

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