November Board Meeting


Meeting Location: Edina Art Center Crosstown Camera Club Members welcome! [...]

Prints Due for October Salon

Due Date: October 12, 2010 – 7:00 PM

Competition prints must be submitted to the Edina Art Center (EAC) CCC drop off area by 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, the week prior to the Salon. See Salon Competition Rules for entry info.

The EAC is open: Monday – Thursday — 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM Fridays: [...]

October Club Meeting

Crossover -- John Ringquist 9/10

Meeting Location: Christ Presbyterian Church Print Salon: “Urban Scapes” — Imagine all the steel and concrete are natural elements outside of the city. This challenge goes beyond cityscapes, architectural, street photography or city panoramas, here you want to find urban shape, patterns and compositions that mimic natural ones. As one person put it, “Urban Landscape photography is often gritty, it’s not always pretty and it can be quite abstract.” Program: Mark Lissick — “Alaska’s Great Bears” [...]

Edina City Hall Exhibit "Architecture": Oct 2010 - Feb 2011


Crosstown Camera Club’s latest exhibition “Architecture” is now hanging at the Edina City Hall Community Room. The exhibit consists of twelve color images selected from member submissions that were curated by three judges from the club. Our thanks to Mark Karney, Forrest Pearson, John Olson, Geoff Kuchera and Brian Billadeau for all their hard work in selecting, framing and hanging the exhibition. [...]

EAC Members' Juried Art Exhibition: Oct 7 - 27, 2010


Congratulations to Cynthia Fleury, Bill Cooper and Lars Michael for their inclusion in the 26th Annual Members Juried Art Exhibition at the Edina Art Center. [...]

This and That by Steve Shor - Some Photographic Reading

The winter is always a good time to read a few books about photography. This can be quite inspirational and gets you all psyched up to go out and try your own hand with some renewed energy and anticipation. Typically at this time of year several of the major photographic magazines publish their lists of photo books they would recommend. I am citing some of the ones I thought sounded most interesting. A few of my personal favorite photographers are Art Wolfe and David Stocklein, and the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition from England. Hopefully some of these books can be previewed online so that you can get a flavor for the content. [...]

This and That by Steve Shor - Photo Back Packs

I have found that finding and choosing a back pack to carry my camera gear was much harder than I anticipated. It would seem that with the plethora of manufacturers and styles it would be much easier than it actually is. However when the rubber hits the road as they say, many of the options just don’t make the grade. This is also a very personal decision as every one is different in body type and needs. [...]

This and That by Steve Shor - Brookfield Zoo

As many of you know I greatly enjoy going to zoos and aquariums to observe the behavior of the many animal and sea creatures that populate our earth. For many of these creatures I might never get to see them at all without zoos. And in many cases they are on the endangered lists and the zoos offer one way to actually keep them from going extinct. Some of my favorites are the San Diego Zoo, and the Washington DC Zoo, mainly because of their Giant Panda exhibit. Also the Newport Aquarium in Oregon and the LA Aquarium in Long Beach because of their excellent sea creature exhibits. [...]

This and That by Steve Shor - Country Roads

For me the topic of “Country Roads” brings to mind many fond memories I have of touring the countryside in New England, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. These are places that I lived or had summer jobs or went to college. More often than not these excursions were solitary and was a way to get out of the city and re-vitalize and re-energize. The curvy roads and scenery of trees or bluffs or creeks or rivers all float back to mind and I can vividly recall the thrill of expectation as I rounded the next curve or came to an area I had enjoyed before. I was even fortunate enough to have owned a convertible sports car for some of these memories. Yes, drives or walks or biking out into the scenic, more rural areas has always been a treasured activity for me. What a great topic to have for our October salon. And it is even more special at this time of year since the Fall colors will be starting to emerge. [...]