October Club Meeting

Wagon Ride in IR -- Lars Michael 10/10

Meeting Location: Christ Presbyterian Church Print Salon: “Country Road” — What could inspire a photographer more than a leisurely drive down a country road? The possibilities are endless: a winding road along a river or through a forest of trees, a road shrouded in fog or covered with snow, or the brilliant colors of a setting sun highlighting the road and it surroundings. Program: Mark Lissick — www.wildlightnaturephotography.com [...]

October Board Meeting


Meeting Location: Edina Art Center Crosstown Camera Club Members welcome! [...]

Newsletters 2009-2010

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2009 September

Dunn Brothers Coffee Shop: Sept 2 - 30, 2009


Crosstown Camera Club Members Photography Exhibit Dates: Sept 2nd – 30th, 2009 Location: 4648 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN — Lake and West River Road just before the Lake Street Bridge Hours: 6:00 am – 10:00 pm Images by: Brian Billadeau, Bill Cooper, Ellen Empson, Cynthia Fleury, Kathy Hara, Mark Karney, Denny Kroger, Geoff Kuchera, Holly Kuchera, John A. Olson and Forrest Pearson. [...]

September Club Meeting

Fair Ride -- Peter Thorpe 10/10

Meeting Location: Edina Art Center Christ Presbyterian Church Digital Salon: “Neon” — As in neon lights, those luminous tubes used for bright, eye-catching signs. To find your subject head for commercial areas such as shopping centers, malls, state or local fairs, any location where “night life” thrives.” Program: Jane Strauss – www.janesprints.com [...]